Change the way you workout forever. Inside our Gym, an experienced team of Personal Trainers will guide you through a bespoke workout, utilising the latest in cardiovascular and resistance equipment to help you reach your goals.

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative and motivational fitness classes, led by some of the area’s finest fitness professionals. There are classes to fit every age and interest, with sessions for beginners through to advanced.

Our Gym

State of the art cardiovascular equipment

The cardiovascular equipment in the Fitness Suite includes the complete range of the Technogym equipment consisting of:

  • Treadmills
  • Cross trainers
  • Skillmill
  • Skierg
  • Upright and recumbent bikes
  • Technogym Varios
  • Technogym Waves
  • Concept 2 rowers
  • Top XT Hand Cycle.

All our equipment is fitted with Cardio Theatres  and most machines have their own integrated televisions for you to while away the time spent training.

Resistance equipment includes

The gym area includes a dedicated free-weights area to add variety to your workout. Our range of resistance equipment includes:

  • 15 station rig with boxing stations and core units
  • Technogym fixed weight machines(entire range)
  • Olympic barbells,  dumbbells up to 50kg
  • Pure strength range
  • Kinesis wall
  • Kettlebells
  • Bosu balance trainers
  • Vibroplate
  • Med balls, Swiss balls and core trainers

Our team of experienced and professional gym staff are always around to provide advice, encouragement and support.

Fitness Classes

Working out alone is never as fun as being part of a team! No matter what your level of fitness, our classes offer something for everyone. You won’t need any special kit or equipment to take part, just comfortable clothes and a pair of sports shoes.

Exercising in a group provides a fun, yet structured environment to help you achieve your fitness goals. By regularly attending the varied, vibrant and innovative fitness classes you will discover that your fitness routine is more enjoyable than ever before. Our fully qualified and friendly instructors will motivate, support and advise you throughout your class to ensure your individual needs are met.

All our fitness classes are included in the Full and Fitness memberships.


A mat-based fitness-Pilates class emphasizing precise movements to activate, isolate and stabilize core muscles while improving posture, flexibility, balance and strength.


Pilates based exercise class focusing on correct postural alignment and combating large amounts of time chained to the office desk. You work at a desk 8 hours a day, drive home, sit at the dinner table, sit on the sofa and wonder why everything hurts when you try exercise? You need this class.


PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility benefits of yoga. It’s a true fat-burning, low-impact program that’ll get you incredibly defined. no equipment needed and lots of fun.


Purestretch stretching classes are designed to move and stretch the entire body whilst giving the core a really good workout. Classes are stimulating, light hearted and choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy.


A highly motivating cardiovascular and strength workout done on a stationary bike. Time to get a serious sweat on!

Spin Express

A 30min spin session with a shorter warm up and a shorter cooldown to get straight into the action! Think roadrunner on steroids

Total Tone 

20 minutes HIIT, 20 minutes strength, 20 minutes core. A total body workout class designed to cover all elements of fitness to provide great muscle tone and endurance.


Small group training held in the fitness annex. The small group is led by one of our personal trainers through a series of exercises with aim of burning some series calories in 30mins. It will be using every tool at our disposal in the gym; Trx, slam balls, assault bikes, kettlebells to mention but a few. Due to the size of the group you will receive more tuition on correct form and hopefully have some fun at the same time!

Virtual Spin

In-between our fantastic instructor led spin classes there is also the option to attend a virtual spin class. Virtual spin classes are held in the spin studio and are led by some of the industries top spin instructors. Due to them being at off peak times, there is no need to book the 45min session. Simply turn up at the designated time and give it your all!


Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. Its foundations are set deeply in ancient yogic tradition; Dru works on the Body, mind and spirit – improving strength and flexibility.

Fitness Class Calendar

Personal Training

Simplifying Fitness

Personal Training at Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. The Fitness Centre has a small, cherry picked fitness team with some of the best and most experienced Personal Trainers in the area. All of our personal trainers have a wealth of experience and qualifications, and have different areas of expertise – whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvement, nutritional advice, training for a sport or event – we have a trainer who can help.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I don’t have a lot of time to exercise
  • I’m just not satisfied with the look of my body
  • I would like to start exercising more seriously, but let’s face it – I just don’t know where to start!
  • I need to lose a few inches from my waist and hips
  • I feel tired and don’t have the energy I used to have
  • I’m not sure what I should be eating to get the best results
  • I would like to gain some muscle and change my body shape
  • I want to get fitter for my sport
  • I’ve been told I need to improve my posture

If you can relate to any of these statements, then our team can help!

Our Personal Training Team

Marcus Whitehead
Gym Manager

Emma Goodwin Jones

Terry Pearson

Zoe Judkowski

Tilly Melechi

Jonny Holden

Gareth Samuel

Workout Program Downloads

We’ve developed two simple to follow work-out programs for people looking to either loose weight or develop increased muscle mass. Both programs provide an easy to follow, day-by-day guide that aim to help you to reach your goal.

Don’t forget that if you need any help with any of the exercises contained in these programs, please ask a member of our fitness team.