Tennis Update April 2021

Dear Member:


It’s been amazing to see so many of you back at the club playing tennis. I have really enjoyed putting faces to name and it’s been a great excuse to get out of the office and into the sunshine.


As I write this, I can hear the laughter, shouts and all-around reverie from the courts and the picnic area and it’s a welcome contrast to the quiet of my first month at the Club. If you haven’t been yet, we have the Horsebox out serving hot and cold refreshments and delicious smoothies and there is plenty of room to take in the sun on the grass and enjoy your Club.


Some more updates for you:


Floodlights: The days are getting longer! So as of today, we have adjusted the timings of the floodlights and there will only be a floodlight fee after 7pm now. We will continue to adjust this weekly as the days get longer. Walk-ons are only available up until 7pm.


Booking a Court: Please ensure that the named players on you court booking are actually on the court. The Tennis Booking platform serves a dual purpose as our Track & Trace system, so the accuracy is essential. When playing doubles, please make sure you are making a note of who else is playing that hasn’t been named on the booking.


Rota Groups: It’s been great to see the rota groups active again. Please verify within your rota groups that all players are active members. Membership has lapsed from some rota players and although we have reactivated many, some players may have forgotten that their membership is not active. If you can not add their name to a booking, then they are not a member. They can still play on a guest pass, which you need to log.


If you are an active member of the Club you deserve and have funded the best facilities. It’s great to share your benefits with your guest passes, but please monitor this among your groups, so you aren’t unnecessarily funding someone else’s experience.


Guest Passes: When using a guest pass, please enter ILTSC Guest as your opponent. This ensures that you are not charged. If you select ‘visitor’ you will be charged. We monitor this on a daily basis and assign guest passes to the name on the booking.


All members have 6 guest passes to use from January through December. As soon as these are used then you will be asked to select ‘visitor’ and you will be charged.


If you have any difficulty making a booking yourself then please contact for guidance.