Outdoor Lights

Dear Member

Floodlights – 
We are still awaiting the arrival of some new bulbs for the floodlights on the outdoor tennis courts. We are aware that there are a number out at the moment. As soon as they arrive the Grounds Staff will be installing them.
Under the current circumstances we have decided that we will not be charging for outdoor lights while the indoor courts are out of use. Lights will be put on by the Duty Manager on shift that day.
Outdoor Hard Courts – 
The Grounds Staff will be brushing the outdoor hard courts every weekday morning. Brushes, rollers and hand sanitisers have been placed on the courts for your use. The water on the surface will run from court 8 to court 6 so please brush in the correct direction. The brushes and rollers should be pushed and not pulled.

Please note that the brushes and rollers are to spread the excess water around the court for the wind/sun to then evaporate the remaining water. As these are expensive items, please can we ask you to return the equipment to its original location when you have finished.