Fitness Update

Right then folks!
The government have given us the green light to reopen our doors to all our fantastic members on Wednesday 2nd September.
Although the “Buff on the balcony” class set up was enjoyed by many, the weather did do its best to ruin the fun.
So once again we are reverting to good old fashioned indoor fitness.
We have a new timetable for you all to enjoy. The number of places will go up from what we provided in the balcony sessions but is still lower than we were pre-Covid.
Many people have booked onto classes later this week, and where the class time is the same, I have transferred your booking onto the corresponding indoor class. If you booked onto Wednesday Bodypump at 9.30am, you will find you have a place on the indoor class. Conversely if you were on the waiting list for some classes you may now find you are on the class.
The booking system will be live from Tuesday morning at 9am.
Some alterations have been made to the previous timetable due to coaches availability and the staggering of classes to ensure social distancing can still be maintained. The studios extractor units will be left on 24/7 so the room may feel a little cooler than normal but we believe fresh air circulation is the key to safety, as I’m sure you will agree.
Classes will be continued to be streamed out via Zoom for members to do at home if they do not feel happy about returning to indoor training.
Gym usage will be as normal, no need to book a slot. This is due to the fact we never have come anywhere near the total number of members we are allowed in the gym at any one time. This will of course be reviewed and altered if we get a mad rush of people wishing to train in the gym.
Can we ask that all members continue to sanitise equipment during your gym visits and please keep distance from other members as best you can. Remember some members maybe at higher risk than others so please respect their space and each other.
We are trying our best during these hard times to meet everyone’s fitness demands. My corona cushion has doubled in size and I’m sure as many of you are desperate to get back to training so that our wardrobe expands past the “only wearing jogging bottoms phase”.
We can’t wait to have you all back, let’s look after each other and provide the best fitness facility we can.
Yours sincerely
A slightly rounder