Who’s up for a new home challenge?

*Millennium Challenge (1000 REPS) *


Split into lower body and upper body/core. You can do this as two separate workouts on separate days….. OR your advanced option is to

  1. A) split this to morning and evening


  1. B) blast it out with a few minutes rest in between lower and upper!


Do 20 reps of each exercise, rest as you need and repeat 5 times in total before you move on to the next exercise.


Warm up & stretch as usual..


5 x 20 alternating lunges

5 x 20 squat jumps

5 x 20 squat pulses

5 x 20 Star Jumps

5 x 20 squats




5 x 20 press ups

5 x 20 plank shoulder taps

5 x 20 mountain climbers

5 x 20 sit ups

5 x 20 rope climbs