Tennis Booking Reminders

Dear Member

Please can we just remind you of a few rules we still have in place.


These are still restricted to a 90 minute booking per member per day. We can see that there are members that are booking more than this out and we are asking that you amend your bookings please, otherwise we will have to delete them to ensure all members get a fair chance of booking.

We currently have a high demand for courts. There are a number of members who are unable to get much, if any court time. We are asking you to please take this into consideration when making your bookings and please do try to restrict your playing time to the 90 minutes per day. We are aware that some members are using their 90 minutes and then also playing additionally as opponents. Please be considerate of other paying members and ensure everyone has a fair chance to book courts and give ALL members a fair chance of playing.

There have been a number of times recently that the name on the court booking has not been the players actually on court – please ensure that you are not booking courts for other players, especially non-members, and that the person booking the court is actually on court.

Please also play on the court that you have booked to play on.


Please remember that you have 10 guest passes to use up until 31st December 2020.

If playing with a non-member, you must select ILTSC GUEST or ILTSC GUEST 1 as your opponent and you must email to request the use of a guest pass.


Although we are not currently charging for courts so there is no fee for cancelling, it is really important that you cancel your court if you are not playing. This will help us to monitor court usage and also to allow other members the chance to play. You simply click on your booking and you will be given the option to delete it.

We appreciate that the weather is not great at the moment but it is still important that you cancel your court.


The club website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are updated every morning with the status of the grass courts. Please make sure you check before you travel. Although the weather may be dry, there are some bare patches on the courts that remain very wet when it has been raining.


All requests should now have been sent to Nicola and forms sent out in reply. These need to be returned by 14th July so that we can organise court allocations and process confirmations and invoices.


Stay Safe