Squash Update

Ways to play Squash & Racket ball- ILTSC Guidance
In-line with Government guidelines we are opening the squash courts on Saturday 25th July @ 8am. England Squash have set out the guidelines on how to play taking into consideration all the social distancing measures in place and how to play safely. As you can imagine there are some changes to the ways to play and we have incorporated these below.


Clear signage will be on each court to remind you of the guidelines and measures to take when playing.
There are several ways that players can enjoy squash and racket ball whilst observing Government guidelines and social distancing measures.
The following descriptions outline the different ways to play that should be adhered to and are relevant for all levels of ability.
All players must follow Government and club guidelines when attending including hand and touch point hygiene and maintaining social distancing requirements from all other people in the building.
All court bookings must be pre-booked online prior to coming to the club. Both players names must be stated on the booking.
To ensure that social distancing can be maintained throughout the activity, there should be no more than two players on court at one time.
1) Match play / Full squash game: 
Players from the same household or support bubble can play ‘normal’ Squash, as they would have before COVID-19.
2) Solo practice:
Individual players can practice squash on their own. Options include a range of solo practices and drills to help maintain and improve squash skills.
3) Sides ‘Sides’:
Is a modified version of the game that allows two players from different households (not in a support bubble) to play on court at the same time:
  • Only two players permitted
  • The aim is to hit a winner or force an error from your opponent as in regular squash
  • Only one player serves / touches the ball with their hand during the match
  • Both players must keep to their side of the court throughout each rally, using the full length of the court whilst maintaining safe social distancing throughout
  • If a player crosses into the other side of the court, they immediately forfeit the rally
  • If there is a danger of players breaching a safe social distance, they must call a let and replay the rally
  • Once a rally is complete, players switch sides of the court (maintaining a safe social distance) and the server restarts play
4) Coach-led activities:
Up to 5 players from different households can be coached in the same session as long as social distancing requirements are maintained at all times, including when on court.
  • Coach must have an England Squash qualification
  • Maximum of 2 players per court
5) Control & Hygiene:
  • Hand hygiene – members must wash hands for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser before entering the court. Hand sanitiser will be available at key points in the club
  • Do not touch the walls or court floor – If a player accidentally touches a wall or court floor they should stop and immediately sanitise their hand.
  • Only one person to open/close the court door – only one player going on court should touch the door.
  • Only one person to touch the ball
  • Only one player should touch the ball throughout the duration of play.
  • A cleaning station will be available on court and will include cleaning materials for members to clean surfaces that are touched by a player whilst on court.
  • Courts cannot be booked back to back so that there is a 45 minute window to allow the players to clean the court after use, and for the club team to carry out any cleaning and checks that are needed before the next pair play.
  • Spot cleaning – where a member knowingly touches the floor wall, or drops sweat or bodily fluids, they should use the cleaning materials available. Any liquid should be dried off immediately, with a paper towel
  • All bags must be taken on court with you and stored at the front of the court in a safe position
Stay Safe
Charlie Maunder