Spin and Outdoor Classes

Greetings my fellow figure conscious colleagues!
Well after yet another enforced closure we have been left feeling a little stunned and saddened, after the efforts we had made to make your training safe as going to the pub.
However, we are not going to let this stop us in our quest for body perfection! (or just a drop in trouser size).
We appreciate not everyone wants to train in the field using bodyweight and let’s face it, there is only so much of Joe Wicks any human should endure.
So as of Saturday this weekend (15th August) we will have a host of spin and other family favourite classes available for all active fitness and full members to book onto using the Fitsense App. Happy Days!
Obviously the groups will be small so we ask that everyone cancel when they are unable to attend a class. Failure to cancel a class slot when the groups are this small would really be very unfair to other members who would be willing to take the spot.
To access the spin studio, we ask everyone to please use the black firedoor steps to the side of the building near the coffee truck we have positioned by the tennis courts.
The music for the classes will be will not be as loud as you are used to but this is to ensure tennis games are not greatly affected.
Before and after each class please wipe down the bikes or pump kit you have used (we will also be cleaning the machines very frequently).
We hope this is just a short term provision and that the government will allow us to reopen ASAP as the 59p Burgers at MacDonald’s are going fast.
Alongside these outdoor classes there will be a host of zoom classes running in the mornings as these seem to be the most popular times for our zoom viewers.
The classes will be available to book on as of Friday afternoon and a new zoom timetable will be emailed out shortly.
Stay fit, stay healthy, stay sane!