Return to Fitness

Dear Fitness Members:


Fitness classes are back (soon)!


Buff on the Balcony is making a roaring come back on the 29th March. From that day on we plan on hosting a plethora of spin classes to get your engines revving again!


Booking will be done in the usual way using the ClubWise app. You will be limited to three class bookings per week to allow more participation across the board. Let’s be honest, three times per week should be enough if you give it your all (no pretending to turn the resistance dial on the bikes!). The spin classes will only be able to hold 8 places per class so please, please, please cancel your place if you cannot make it.


The gym is due to open on the 12th of April allowing you to really start upping the intensity of your daily workout routine and get beach ready (even if it is a paddling pool in your back garden).


Instructors will be there to aid you in your new fitness journey. If you’ve not done any resistance training over the lockdown, then please take it easy first session and speak to an instructor about the best system to employ when restarting.


Please note that if your account has been on freeze, your account will automatically defrost on the 29th March and you will be able to book classes. If you will be unable to use the Club’s facilities, you can ask to remain on freeze by contacting Nicola at


All our other great classes will continue to be zoomed out as we work towards the government’s May indoor class timetable when we can welcome you all back and teach in person! Look out for a new fitness timetable ready for 29th!