Real Life People Timetable

Right then you gorgeous bunch!


Fed up of doing press-ups by the litter tray? Tired of exercising with an ironing pile staring at you needing some love? Want to train next to real life people who have the same goals and desire you do? Sat and ate a croissant whilst doing an exercise class on zoom? Want to talk to people outside of your family group (God bless ’em)? Then wait no longer! The new hybrid fitness class timetable is here and ready for 29th March!


A mix of live and Zoom classes to keep us going until full launch and rejig in May.


We aimed to provide you with a good mix of classes to cover the majority of your fitness needs, and please understand this will be a dynamic process dependent on your attendance and desires. This will be altered!


We’ve mainly gone with spin as our live class format as this is safe to do in all weather conditions due to it being under cover. Alongside spin we are hosting some live Metafit and Attack classes which will be held outside on the grass near the practice wall. If attendance is good, we will bang on a whole load more (so be sure to come on down!).


Spin classes will be on the top balcony under canopy. To get to the balcony please use the metal stairwell to enter the Cafe Bar ( located on the right-hand side of the building as you face the front entrance).


Book onto classes using the Fitsense app, as we have done before. Bookings are available one week in advance and limited to three classes per week (initially until we can assess usage).


Please click here to view the new class timetable.


We cant wait to see everyone again and get the fitness community buzzing!


Stay strong