Membership Rates

Membership Rates

Dear Members:


I am writing  to you from from the newly opened SERVE.  I am surrounded by the warm banter and conviviality of friends reuniting in their own Club, capping off a game on court or a fitness class together. The legacy that is the Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club is reigniting.


Our Membership numbers increase as we continue to reopen services. Our outreach to the community is continuing as we have a service to deliver that will continue to benefit our Membership long into the future. We stand in loyal appreciation for those that sustained their Membership throughout each lockdown, never freezing and ensuring there was a Club to return  a proper thank-you is in the works for this core group of Members.


As we return to some degree of normalcy, we are rolling out the new Membership Rates that will take effect July 1, 2021. This  was proposed and approved by the ILTSC Members Committee two years ago. The Club delayed implementation of the new rates as it was not able to offer the full complement of services to the Members.


Occasional rate increases ensure sustainability, foster development, and maintain integrity of a Club that has lasted over 140 years. The Club has managed its finances with responsibility and  cogent austerity during the lockdowns, and we have been reopening with this same surgical focus. However, the inflationary cost increases we have seen across the board, unrelated to the pandemic, and only now impacted more severely by the pandemic have more dramatically increased the necessity for a subscription increase. In addition, there are costs that have not been paused for reasons of necessity (the riverbank project) or the need to ensure our Members have incredible facilities to return to (fitness equipment repairs and improvement, grass court maintenance, refurbishment of hard courts).


We have recognised that the premium attached to monthly payment rather than annual payment has become excessive in some membership categories, so in most cases there is no increase to monthly direct debit memberships this year. With that in mind Membership Rates from July 1 onwards are below:

As always, we are here for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your Member Admin Manager Nicola at or me at if you need anything.


Have a lovely day!