Member Update 8th April 2021

Good afternoon ILTSC Members

We are opening our doors again! The long-awaited April 12th stands before us, a date fixed in our memories for weeks now! Read on for ways you can get more out of your membership for

Squash and Racketball:
Its a start..Squash courts will be open for individual and same household activity, one to one coaching and out of school setting activity only. Please go to for specifics on guidance.

Head of Squash Robbie Burnett will be available for lessons for juniors and adults. Robbies group lessons will be resuming, so if you havent heard from him, please do reach out. Robbie can be reached at

Indoor Tennis:
Kyle will be providing some updates tomorrow regarding the re-opening of the indoor tennis courts.

The Gym Reopens:
Marcus email regarding the long-awaited reopening of the Gym will be sent out shortly. It deserves its own email!


Fitness Classes:
Classes remain outdoors until the next stage of reopening. Outdoor spin will access the same way, via the back stairwell. What a treat to see our tough Members braving all kinds of weather to keep fit. A big thank-you also to our Instructors who have adapted to all manner of conditions to continue to offer classes.

The Cafe Bar:
The Cafe-Bar will continue to serve food and drink out of the Horsebox daily from 10-6pm, weather permitting. Starting April 12th, we will be serving alcohol from the Horsebox as well. For the times when the Horsebox is closed, dont be shy about asking the Duty Manager for a cold beverage, as we will keep some on offer at Reception. Weather permitting, we will keep the Horsebox open longer and the first taste of a warm evening, we will fire up the BBQ! There are limited outdoor spaces to eat and drink in Ilkley so if you get stumped for a booking, come down to the Club (rule of six) and enjoy your extended back garden.

Covid-19 Safeguards:
In addition to the specific protocols of the gym and tennis, please help us keep safe and secure so we can keep our doors open. You can do this by ensuring you dont congregate in the corridors or the reception area. For transit between the outside and the gym or courts, please remain masked the entire time. The changing rooms will be open from the inside, but showers and the spa will remain closed per government advice. The Studio and Café Bar spaces will remain closed. We have set up a lateral flow testing site for staff and contractors of the Club and we will continue testing regularly.