Latest Government Update

Dear Member,
2020 feels like we are wading through the treacle lines at Tate and Lyle, and each time we hope to get both feet out, those damn wellies keep getting stuck. Yet again we find ourselves facing down the toughest level of national restrictions, but as we have done throughout the year, whatever we can do, we will!!
This has without doubt been the toughest year in the club’s history; three floods, one pandemic, countless restrictions and an excess of worms on Court 24! The support of our members throughout this period has been unbelievable and will ensure that the club will remain here for all of us into the future. Thank you to every single member that has been able to support the club in whatever manner you could, this hasn’t gone unnoticed, and a huge effort has gone into ensuring that once fully open again the club thrives well beyond this period and the next pandemic (hopefully at least another 102 yrs away!).
So, for all those that became insomniacs in 2020, I would save the rest of this email until later, it’s guaranteed to aid sleep. For all those who wish to continue reading, let’s see what’s been happening at the club and what you lucky people get in Tier 3.
Following the recent AGM we are pleased to announce new committee members and Club Treasurer. Andy Hanson, Marione Horsley and Nic Fearnley have been elected to the Members Committee. Andrew Merrick has been elected to The Board and will take up the position of Treasurer, Barry Cox is the new Fitness Chair, and Terry Burgoyne continues as President.  We would like to thank all those departing committee members who have volunteered their time over the past few years to help the club.
The Club 
It appears that by early next year some level of normality will return. As we reopen the facilities we want to establish the club back at the heart of the community, and with the huge challenges this year and changes within the club, with your help we can make next year the start of a new era. Already, we have been giving the club a facelift, and on your return things will have started to look a little different. The search for a new general manger is well underway with an incredibly high calibre of applicant. We hope that an appointment will be made early in the New Year.
The club will reopen at 7am Wednesday 02nd December, and for all those that have their memberships frozen, these will be thawed (recommence) from this date. No payment will be taken in December from those members that were on freeze. Payments will commence again in January.
For all those annual members who were on freeze, your subscription renewal will be extended by a further month.
What you can do in Tier 3 
General Club House 
The clubhouse will be open – facemasks will be required as you move and circulate around the club. The café bar will only serve take away food/drink.
We have sheltered areas outside on the bottom balcony for those who invested in thermals, and groups no greater than 6 can congregate in any of our outside areas. Only those within a household or bubble may sit together within the clubhouse.
Indoor Tennis/Squash – If you are in the same household or bubble, you are free to use all indoor and outdoor courts (squash and tennis).
For those not in the same household or bubble you are able to play outside, and just in case you were considering a game of around the world, please do not do so in a group of more than 6 per court.
If you are under 18, coaching and group session will restart inside from 2nd December. We are currently awaiting further advice to establish if adult one to one coaching  will be allowable indoors.
Further information in relation to adult tennis, including block bookings, matchplays and rotas will be sent in the coming days. As you will appreciate there is a large amount of issues to resolve and the current focus is on reopening the club and getting facilities ready.

The court booking system is now open for all active members. Members on freeze will be able to book once we re-open on 2nd December.

Firstly, the gym will be open on 2nd December, secondly, we can’t open unless you bring some equipment back. If all those that borrowed equipment could return this by 30th November that would be extremely helpful. With restrictions on indoor classes, those that borrowed weights from the studios rather than the gym (you know who you are), please keep them to allow you to continue with our online classes.
As you guessed, indoor classes are unfortunately not allowed in Tier 3. Our online classes will continue and our Marcus will be shortly releasing the timetable for outdoor spin and exercise classes.
Drop off times for equipment will be:
Friday 27th November 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 28th November 9.00am – 11.00am
Sunday 29th November 9.00am – 11.00am
Monday 30th November 9.00am – 6.00pm
You made it. nearly there…
All of us will be pleased when we can update you on the next event, the next big tournament, the next club party, for now, we hope this is the last of the big restrictions and each time we update you from now on will consistently see the reopening of further parts of the club to everyone. If the weather remains fair this winter and no waders are needed to access the club, one final push should see us into 2021 and the launch of brighter times.
Wishing you all well
Chris, Simon, Andrew and Rik
The Board