Keep fit at home

Over the coming days and weeks we will be posting ways for you to stay fit while you are at home.


First up – a daily workout from our instructor Emma:

Excellent for those looking to strengthen legs and glutes – especially runners and cyclists.

Equipment: Stairs, timer or watch/clock.

Optional extras: resistance band loops, Dumbell, kettlebell… if you don’t have any weights and want something heavy to make it harder, a backpack filled with cans, books etc does the job. Just make sure the items are sealed and the backpack is strong enough.

Let’s get started!

Warm up:

  • 5 Ankle circles each direction, 5 arm circles each direction, 5 torso rotations each direction.

~ Here you can include any preparatory stretches you normally do.

If you have a resistance band add:

  • 20 banded side crab walks each way,
  • 20 banded squats,
  • 20 banded glute bridges, to start firing up your glutes.

Round 1: 8 x 20s on 10s off:

Jog on the spot / quick step up on and off steps (advanced: high knees)

Round 2: 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest

⁃              bodyweight or use dumbbells/kettle bells/2 cans/ heavy backpack

  • 1a) Split squats Left leg
  • 2a) Split squats right leg
  • 3a) Alternating Reverse stepping lunge
  • 4a) Squats to a chair (can add resistance band just above knees)
  • 5a) Sumo Squats up onto tip toes

~ rest 1-2minutes then repeat so you complete 2 rounds in total (advanced: 3-5 rounds total!)

Round 3: 100Rep Glute Bridge / Hip lifts

Heels elevated up on step the whole round. If you have a Resistance band, pop it just above knees and/or weight/backpack on hips.

  • 25 glute bridges with heels on step
  • 25 knees out and in at the top of glute bridges
  • 25 pulses at the top of glute bridge
  • 25 second hold at the top of glute bridge