Fitness Update 17th July

Greetings my fellow fitness fanatics!

We are back!
As of the 25th July we will open our doors once again to help you get rid of that Corona Cushion you may have developed over the last three months.
If, like me, you have grown tired of trying to train in the back garden with children tugging at your arm and dogs licking your face on every push up, then this hopefully will come as great news. Running is great, but not everyone’s knees agree. Cycling is fantastic but taking life into your own hands on the roads can sometimes be a little off putting, and walking has been a bit spoilt with our good old English weather.
Unless you are lucky enough to have your own gym at home, our muscle volume will have dropped significantly over the last 3 months and this will lead to a large drop in resting metabolism calorie expenditure, you are not burning what you used to.
Activity levels will have dropped with the vast majority of us and we are keen to help get the local community going again and providing you with safe, distanced and effective training.
The gym will look very different when you enter. We have knocked into squash court three and created 10 individual training zones for anyone wishing to train with the equipment in their own unique space. Each zone is screened off and will ensure distance from any other gym goers is kept to a maximum. The rest of the gym equipment has been rearranged to ensure plenty of distance between each member. All of our staff will be cleaning like Wombles to ensure the gym is always sanitised to within an inch of its life, all day every day.
The gym air extraction have all been serviced and filters changed to ensure the air circulation in the gym is better than anywhere else indoors you will visit.
To use the gym you will need to book an hour slot. This will be done in the same way as you book onto a class. We would like all our members to download this app to make your booking of classes and gym usage as smooth as possible – click here to download for android phones and click here for iphones.
Your login details are the same as they would be when booking in the members online area for classes, however this is much faster and there will be a whole host of other options on there once people have got into the swing of using it (competitions, downloadable workouts, dietary advice and body analytics).
Can we also use this time to ask that those wonderful members who borrowed equipment from us and kept their memberships running throughout please return it to us.
If we can ask you drop it off during the day (prior to 5pm) on Monday or Tuesday so that we can be assured someone will be at the club to assist with unloading your car and getting the equipment up the ramp.
If you have any questions about how this is all to work then please email myself on
We cannot wait to see you all again and try to get life as back to normal as possible.
Stay strong