COVID-19 UPDATE 23.03.20

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times. The rapidly moving set of events has required detailed consideration in relation to all aspects of the club and the current guidelines may be adjusted further in the coming days. At present we have set out below our current position based on the most recent government and LTA advice.

The latest LTA and Government Guidance can be found on the link below:—latest-advice
In accordance with government guidelines we have closed our club house facilities including; gym, studios, indoor tennis and squash courts. At this moment in time, the outdoor courts will remain open. We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and our aim is to offer as much help to members and staff as possible.

We can confirm we will be maintaining all permanent employed staff throughout this time and obtaining support from the Government where applicable.


Please see below further details in relation to club facilities, memberships and equipment.


  • All INTERNAL areas of the club are now CLOSED to members, this includes the changing rooms, gym, studios, café bar, indoor tennis and squash courts.
  • Following guidance from the LTA the outdoor courts WILL REMAIN OPEN (subject to weather) and available to book using the current online booking system. To continue to carry on with this safely, strict social distancing rules must be adhered to. These include:
  • All players must wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering the courts – a hand wash station is provided adjacent to the grounds keeper’s shed.
  • Only limited gates will be accessible and will be permanently open – these must not be closed at any point
  • A maximum of 4 people per court, and no more than 12 people within each of the fenced court areas at any point.
  • A  5-minute buffer period must be taken between court booking slots to allow time for players to leave before next players arrive- Coaches and players must finish five minutes before the court booking finishes.
  • Please refrain from congregating in groups and leave swiftly after your session
  • No group coaching that exceeds the above court numbers will be allowable. No more than 3 courts at any one time can be used for coaching sessions
  • Players can play a maximum of 90 minutes a day to maximise availability for all members
  • Clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets, courtside benches, cones. Do not allow racket sharing or use of communal rackets
  • For lessons, coaches will use new balls where possible and reduce the number of balls per court
  • Where possible return balls to other courts without handling them
  • Courts will be open from 8am-10pm Mon – Fri, 8am -8pm Sat/Sun
  • Please note all government guidelines should be followed in relation to your own personal circumstances


Membership options

Obviously it is very important for the future of the Club that you continue to be members if you can. However, if you feel that you are unable to, and you are not going to use the Club’s facilities during this period, you may suspend your membership by sending an email to stating one of the following options:

  • I wish to suspend my membership

If you decide to suspend and you pay by monthly direct debit, no further payments will be deducted from your account for a period of up to three months (this period may be extended as national circumstances dictate). You may of course bring the period of suspension to an end at any point earlier than three months by notifying the Club by email.

If you decide to suspend and you pay annually, your membership renewal date will automatically extend by the period of time during which your membership was suspended. You may of course bring the period of suspension to an end at any point earlier than three months by notifying the Club by email.

In both cases, when your membership is reactivated, your account will be credited to the value of half a month’s membership fee for your class of membership.

  • I wish to cancel my membership or I wish to re-join and suspend my membership

If you have cancelled your membership since the 29th February, you may now re-join the Club and immediately suspend, in which case the above conditions of suspension will apply.

Please note that the increase in membership fees which was due to apply from April will be deferred until further notice. So if you are renewing in the near future, the fee will be somewhat lower than shown in your renewal reminder email.


To confirm, If you have not already contacted us last week please email us to and inform us of your choice and we will process your request. 

If you wish to maintain your membership payment in support of the club then you do not need to do anything and your DD payment or annual of membership will remain in place.


Gym Equipment 
We want to help you stay active at home so will be loaning gym equipment. You just need to sign a waiver form, pay a deposit of £20 and collect from the club. Please email if you are interested, we will be limiting to one piece of equipment per person on a first come first served basis. This scheme will only be available to active members who are continuing their membership. This service will be available from Tuesday 24/03/20

Online classes

We will be releasing a range of online classes and workout routines through our website. Updates will be emailed to you and will be on our social media.

As the situation continues to progress our method of operation will need to be changed accordingly to ensure we strictly adhere to the most recent government guidelines. We would like to thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times and hope that we can continue to support you in whatever manner we can.


Stay Safe