COVID-19 Update 18.03.20



We are continually reviewing our position and our current decision to remain open. This is in alignment with many leading UK Health & Fitness brands who are currently taking the same stance.

This is a rapidly evolving situation with updates being issued on a regular basis, please allow time for us to digest these updates and communicate revised policies, being mindful that these can be outdated as quickly as they are published.


UK Active and Sport England have stated that being fit and healthy is an important deterrent to the risk of infection, and we will continue to provide opportunity for all our members, where possible and in line with current government guidelines.


The safety of our members and staff is of the upmost importance. Our aim is to serve all our members, staff and community during this time and will endeavour to take suitable steps to do this safely and appropriately throughout the coming weeks.


Are gyms high risk for Covid-19?

There is no current evidence to support this. While we recognise and understand the concerns our members may have about Covid-19, there is no need to stop being active as long as you follow the government advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus. We will review our membership policy as the situation evolves.

We are monitoring the developing situation closely, we are following all advice issued by the Chief Medical Officer, Public Health England and the World Health Organization. We will continue to monitor the situation and will take all appropriate measures necessary to protect our members, employees and local communities.

If there is a confirmed case in the club?

We will react quickly to implement all appropriate measures at that time. We would encourage everyone to follow Public Health England guidance on infection prevention, which includes washing your hands more often than usual, for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and hot water, particularly after coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose, or after being in public areas where other people are doing so.

Cleaning & Prevention measures in place

Our priority is to ensure that our members enjoy a clean and safe environment at the club. We are following Public Health England and World Health Organization guidelines to ensure that best practices are delivered.

Sanitising sprays are available in the studios and gym to enable members to effectively clean and sanitise gym equipment before and after use. Hand sanitising stations are also available to promote good hand hygiene.

The team also carry out deep cleaning to support our infection prevention policy. Busy areas are receiving increased detergent cleaning and disinfectant cleaning takes place throughout the day. We have given more time to scheduled cleaning and disinfecting equipment.

On entering, the club please go to the toilets and changing areas and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before commencing activities. We have kept all doors open so you can access all areas of the club without having to touch a door or handle. When accessing the indoor courts if you wish to avoid touching the blue curtain then please access the courts at the side of court 4 and walk across the back of courts to reach your allocated court.

The coaching team are making every effort to clean the equipment between sessions.

What are the current measures in place?

  • If you or any member of your household have a new cough or fever over 37.8 centigrade please stay away from the club for 14 days
  • If you are exposed to somebody who has tested positive for COVID 19, and has not been given the all clear, or they are self-isolating within the same household, then please stay away from the club for 14 days.
  • Where possible all doors will be kept open throughout the club to avoid having to touch doors and handles before and after washing hands
  • We would like to ask if you can avoid using cash when paying in the club at reception and café bar and where possible use contactless payment method.
  • Please do not shake hands with anybody whilst at the club
  • Please wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds on entering the club
  • Signage advising to use anti-bacterial gel on entering the gym
  • Increasing the frequency of cleanings, especially on regularly touched surfaces such as doors, counter tops and furniture.
  • Increased checks and restocking of soap, tissue and toilet roll dispensers.
  • Advised all members to bring a towel to cover exercise mats and machines when perspiring.
  • We have stocks of anti-bacterial gel and ask you to use this sensibly
  • When coughing or sneezing please cough into your hand, tissue or sleeve. Please dispose of the tissue if used straight away and wash your hands.

What are we doing to minimise the risk in group exercise classes?

We are taking the following steps, which are consistent with the leisure industry & government advice:

  • We have advised all members that they must not enter the club if they are exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms – clear signage has been put up on entry to the club & studios
  • All members are advised to wash their hands on entering the club and before taking part in a class.
  • We are encouraging all members to use the cleaning sprays to wipe down machines and equipment after use
  • Before the start of every class, cleaning materials are highlighted to all members and they are asked to clean their mats and equipment
  • Members are still asked to bring a towel to cover mats and cover equipment when heavily perspiring
  • At the start of every class, the instructor will inform the class that they will allow 5 minutes for every individual to wipe down any equipment and mats that have been used
  • In some cases, classes will need to end 5 minutes earlier than stated to ensure this is completed. Some routines may have be adjusted slightly.
  • We have limited the maximum class attendance to 12 for all spin classes and 15 for all other classes to allow distancing in classes and appropriate space between individuals if required. This will change will be effective from March 19th

What other concerns do you have?

  • If a member of our team contracts Covid-19 we will follow PHE guidelines and the employee will go into self-isolation and a deep clean of the premises will take place.
  • We can close our facilities immediately if necessary and members will be informed via email. A message will posted on our website and social media pages.
  • We are a community club and we hope we can all come together and support each other through this unprecedented time in the clubs history.
  • We have received many enquiries to freeze or hold memberships. Currently our policy for freezing direct debits does not cover these events. We will be reviewing this as a club and a further communication and information regarding this will be released in the next 5 days.


Please take all precautions and stay safe