Club Update November

Dear Member

We just thought we would check in with you and let you know what we have been up to so far!
Firstly, we would like to thank all our members who have stuck by us and maintained their membership – we are truly grateful for your continued support.
Marcus has been crazy busy sorting out gym equipment for members. After receiving over 350 email requests, he has successfully drawn names out of a hat and handed out 106 items on loan. We are sorry if you did not get what you wanted and hope you understand how high the demand was. We do not know of any other club that has offered this but we think you are worth it.
Hopefully you are enjoying our Zoom classes. We are aware that we have had some technical issues and human error and for this we apologise but please do bear with us as we try our best to solve all issues. Currently, fingers crossed, all classes are working perfectly!
We have now changed the pass code for all Zoom classes and sent it out to all current, active members.
The grass courts have been cleared of leaves. They have then been brushed using the tractor trailer to remove flood debris and then cut and are in the process of being fed.
The track access down to the overflow carpark and staff car park at the rear has had the ditch refilled. The overflow car park has now been levelled off and is usable again.
Equipment has been hired to repair the astro on court 9 and the floodlights bulbs will be fitted.
Squash courts have been cleaned and the court entrances have received a coat of paint to freshen them up.
The blue curtains on the tennis courts are currently being sanitised and washed.
All store cupboards have been gutted and tidied, including the coaching cupboards and the kitchen store cupboards.
We have attached a link for you to view the latest addition of Tramlines from Yorkshire LTA.
We look forward to having you all back with us soon.
Take care