Block Bookings 2020-2021

Dear Member


Block bookings are available to all active rackets members. They ensure you have a fixed booking each week on an indoor court throughout the Winter period.
This Winter period runs from 7th September 2020 through to 2nd May 2021, 34 weeks in total. Where relevant, the block bookings will be reduced as a result of the club being closed at Christmas and New Year or for tournaments.
Bookings must be for a minimum of 30 weeks, not including when we are closed. For those opting to make a block booking every week, they must be for a minimum of 15 weeks, not including when we are closed. We cannot accept any bookings for less than this number of weeks.
The block booking holder must provide a list of a maximum of 4 unwanted dates prior to payment. Refunds or changes cannot be made once payment has been made. If the club is open, we cannot transfer or refund your booking. If you are unable to make a session, you must inform the club so that the booking can be cancelled and opened up for other members to book. If the club is unexpectedly closed, we will refund the block bookings holders prepayment account.
Fees –
 Standard rate £15 per hour
 Morning off peak rate £10 per hour – Monday to Friday before 8:30am
 Evening off peak rate £12 per hour – Monday to Friday between 9pm – 10pm
 Peak rate £17 per hour – Monday to Friday 9:30am – 11:30am
                                          Monday to Friday 7pm – 9pm
                                          All day Saturday & Sunday
Please note, if your session has a majority of time at one rate, it will be charged at the majority rate. If it is half and half, it will be charged at the starting rate.
Once your booking has been confirmed, payment is required in full before the 7th September.

We will do our very best to ensure all requests are fulfilled but please note we may need to ask for some flexibility on timings and courts in order that everyone’s need are met.

If you had a block booking which was cancelled due to the club closure for COVID-19, you will have these number of weeks taken off your final fee for 2020-2021.
In this initial period, please email if you are interested in taking up a block booking or have any questions before 7th July. Dates and do not need to be sent at this time.

*Please note this is all subject to the Government allowing indoor tennis to resume*

Stay Safe