Amendment to Guidance

******************* AMENDMENT TO PREVIOUS EMAIL *******************
Members who have indoor courts booked will now only be moved to outside for tomorrow (Friday 16th October) and not for bookings after this date.

Please do check the court booking system to see which court your booking has been allocated to.

Outdoor courts are free to book for members so please book these courts and select the member/’s you are playing with.

If you have an indoor booking after Friday then you will need to cancel it or book it outside.

Holders of Block Bookings should email to say whether they would like to freeze their block booking until further notice, or would like to keep it indoors because they are playing with members from their household.
These have been moved to outdoor courts from tomorrow onwards.

No changes to current guidelines until we are notified of such.

Please bear in mind that we are receiving a high volume of emails already and we will do our very best to respond in a timely manner.